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08/11/2023 Michael Reakes Monkbridge landing Wildlife We have recently simultaneous seen 7 swans at Monkbridge Landing on the River Foss (original 3 cygnets plus two other pairs)
01/11/2023 Mike Gray Sessions reserve Wildlife Deer not liking the metal mesh walkway on the bridge
30/10/2023 Lynette Mills Castle Mills Basin Damage Arts barge has lost part of its mooring
24/10/2023 Keith Burley Above Towthorpe Wildlife I spotted a great white egret down the foss
02/10/2023 Caroline Scott Wildlife Second dead shrew seen recently
24/09/2023 Andy Mulholland Haxby Weir Wildlife Andy and Bill have been cutting back fallen willows in the Haxby Weir area to help the flow of the river. Lots of walkers stopped to chat. One particularly large tree was trimmed and the Drainage Board contacted to clear it.
12/09/2023 N/A Mike Gray Several places along the river Wildlife We are monitoring mink and trying to assess their numbers. You may well see some of our rafts moored along the riverbanks. There is a clay pad inside the hutch on the raft on which any inquisitive mink will lave footprints (Otters too sometimes)
12/09/2023 N/A Mike Gray From Monkbridge to the ring road Damage St Nicks and the Internal Drainage Board are cooperating in the management of bankside vegetation with the aim of increasing biodiversity along the river and making it a more interesting and versatile area. It's work-in-progress and it's going to take a while to work out how best to achieve a mix of environments.
12/09/2023 1730 Mike Gray Sessions Reserve Wildlife A still from a video recorded on a trailcam
09/09/2023 00.33 Andy Holt Huntington Road Bridge Wildlife one of our more acceptable mustelids.