Yet more mink

The photos here were taken by Lynne Kinder along Huntington Road recently. It just goes to show that invasive non native species can be pretty – you can see why they are bred for their fur But their voracious appetites and the absence of predators to control them is dangerous It’s no coincidence that we have had no reports of … Read More

Terrapin Anyone?

Have you seen the terrapin swimming around in the Earswick area? We had quite a few reports and photos from members walking along the banks in the area. One can only assume that someone had it as a pet and disposed of it in the river. It’s apparently quite a common phenomenon and they can survive UK winters and thrive. … Read More

Balsam Pulling

We’re running sessions regularly with teams of no more than six and fully socially distanced. If you’d like to know more let us know via . If you’d rather try it en famille or as a small group and would like more information on where to look and how to go about it, ask us your questions. It’s around … Read More

Our Weedy River – Again!

There have been several questions recently about weed in the river. There is a lot of a filamentous alga growing and in some places a surface covering of duckweed is developing. Duckweed, though the individual plants are tiny, is a flowering plant, unlike the alga. Both these are quite normal and tend to occur when flows are low, as now. … Read More

A fishy tale!

This was snapped by Neil Nicholson near Huntington Church a few day ago. Low water levels and plenty of sunshine show just how many fish there are in the Foss – some are quite a fair size too.    

History of the River Foss

There’s been a fair bit of interest recently in the still visible relics of the days when the Foss was canalised, some 200+ years ago, so the section on the river’s history has been revised and expanded. There are remains, mainly of the locks, to be seen all the way from Yearsley Baths to above Strensall. If you’ve got any … Read More

Bird Song

Bird song is a wonderful and uplifting sound. OK, too much Green Woodpecker, Great Tit or even Cuckoo can drive you bonkers, but…………………. It’s world of different sounds that most of us don’t tune in to. I’ve been on walks where I comment “What a lovely song, but what is it?” The response tends to be “What song?” Now is … Read More

Otter playground

The photos below were posted to the RFS on Facebook by Jon Noble  – thank you! These are the closest we’ve seen, and it’s becoming clear that they are around for a while at least, as we’ve had several sightings. I wonder whether they are getting used to people.  Some years ago I followed an otter along the banks of … Read More

Making the Foss Walk More Usable

RFS Waymarking and Maintenance  The society has for many years traversed the Foss Walk, both in sections and in its entirety over a couple of days. Two facets have become ever more apparent recently; the lack of clear signage and poor maintenance: both leading to the walk becoming less and less used, particularly above Strensall. North Yorkshire County Council have … Read More