Balsam Bashing 2024

It’s that time of year again, and with all the high water events we’ve had this last few months, there’s plenty of balsam coming through. We’re going to start pulling at the beginning of June and carry on until it goes to seed! Keep an eye on this page as extra sessions will be added as we go. Please come … Read More

Would you be Interested in a York Naturalists’ Group?

York used to have a Field Naturalists’ Society but sadly that ceased to operate over 20 years ago.  Almost every other area of Yorkshire has such a group and conversations with York naturalists suggest an appetite to resurrect one here. There was an open meeting at Spark on Sunday 28 April, at which it was agreed that such an organisation would … Read More

Wanted: Committed Citizen Scientists to Help Monitor the Health of the River Foss by Kick Sampling

The River Foss Society is now part of a Citizen Science project, working in partnership with the Environment Agency, the University of York, St Nicks Environment Centre and Yorkshire Wildlife Trust to monitor the entire river catchment for chemical and biological water quality, the presence or absence of Water Vole, Otter and Mink, the improvement of bankside vegetation management, etc. … Read More