The Half-Century of Trolleys

Tim Rane has hauled out trolleys number 50 and 51 from the Foss this month – Well done!   But why are they there???  

New Bikes for Old! May 2022

Tim has hauled  a few bikes out of the river over the last couple of years, most of which were fit for nothing more than recycling, however the odd one is still in a recoverable condition, either for use as  spares, or for overhaul and selling on for charity.  Changing Lives UK is a charity providing specialist support services for … Read More

York Walls Festival – May 2022

A busy day on Sunday with plenty of visitors and an excellent turnout of paddleboarders who, by all accounts, enjoyed their outing and the chance to see the city from a different perspective. Probably the most popular exhibit was a tray of river-dwellers including dragonfly larvae, a selection of worms and leeches and some tiny freshwater shrimps! With the help … Read More

York Walls Festival with paddleboards!

A group of paddleboarders will make their way downstream from near Monkbridge at around 11am on Sunday morning heading to Castle Mills lock (and back later!). It’s a fun way to enjoy the river – this year without the duckweed that covered everything last August. It’ll be the biggest gathering of a paddleboards the river has seen with better than … Read More

York Walls Festival – Spring 2022

We are putting up a gazebo on Foss Islands Road again this year, next to Majestic Wines. Come and have a chat and see what we’ve been up to and are planning!

RFS goes fishing

yet more bikes and trolleys were hauled from the river last week !   Why oh why must people use the Foss as a dump – whatever happened to pride?  

Spring – maybe!

Sumer is icumen in, Lhude sing cuccu! Groweþ sed and bloweþ med And springþ þe wde nu, Sing cuccu! I always thought it was written by Chaucer, but apparently it dates from the mid-thirteenth century, over a hundred years before he penned The Canterbury Tales!  It translates (roughly but without scanning) as Summer is a’coming in, Loudly sing, cuckoo! The … Read More

New Members’ Booklet

There is now a booklet which will be given to new members to tell them something about the river and the Society they have joined. Copies will be available to existing members (at £1 to cover printing costs) at the AGM, and subsequent open meetings. It will also be available to non-members at £3, initially from our gazebo at the … Read More