West Nooks Hay Meadow

Alan Robertshaw is leading a bid to create a hay meadow in the grassy area behind West Nooks, an activity very much in-line with our desire to be involved in creating a green corridor along the river. We will be working with him and supporting him as the project progresses.

He says:

City of York Council has now agreed to support the creation of a woodland wildflower meadow as part of the area of land between West Nooks and the River Foss. In the short term a relatively small area has already been left uncut with a view to it being cut and seeded with wildflowers later in the year. It is also intended to “manage” the foliage growing under the trees and which is not normally cut in order to encourage a wider variety of flora. The project is also being supported by the Woodmeadow Trust who will provide expert advice.

If this is successful in terms of community support etc the plan is to create a much larger area of meadow, but leaving sufficient community grassland for dog walking, games, picnics etc. It is also planned to plant a small number of additional trees, provide a couple of picnic benches and information boards as well as bird, bat and owl boxes if things go well.

If you’d like to know more about this project, or better still, get involved and give Alan a hand, then let us have your details and we’ll pass them on. events@riverfosssociety.co.uk


The photos below show what the area looks like now.