Swans on the Foss

John Millett writes: Whilst checking progress on the Foss footpath closures I had the opportunity to view the birds on the lagoons of Walbutt’s Water Treatment Plant near Strensall. I had very good views of a pair of Mute Swans with seven well developed cygnets, a pair of Mallard with eight young, several other single Mallards, a pair of Tufted Duck and calling nearby was a Reed Bunting. It was good to see the family of swans which are protected on the private land with no public access.

To get a glimpse of the birds from the other side of the river,  cross the iron bridge beyond Walbutt’s farm, turn left, and follow the very soggy footpath path with high undergrowth and view the lagoons from the high bank.  It’s a trek but well worth it, don’t forget your binoculars.