RFS at St. Nicks Autumn Fayre

The Society ran a stall at St. Nicholas Fields on Saturday 5th October to highlight the work we’ve been doing with St. Nicks Environment Centre. We talked to lots of people about walkover surveys of the river, watervole populations and habitat and water quality monitoring which form the bulk of our work with the team at the centre. We also had the opportunity to highlight other ways to get involved such as walking groups, talks, litter picks and more general education or information – perhaps the hottest topic of the day was the recent duckweed covering of the Foss and misunderstandings over river oxygen levels as a result. Almost all our supply of membership leaflets were taken away so we look forward to welcoming some new members as a result of this event. The St. Nicks team kindly let us have some pond water to investigate which attracted a lot of interest, especially the dragonfly larvae and pond snails which by the end of the fayre seem to have been given all sorts of names – many would have been adopted as pets if the children had their way!

Another chat about duckweed!

New friends to be found here.

The top dog in our sample trays – come back next year to see this dragonfly zooming around St. Nick’s pond.