Photo please!


Have you got any old photos of the Foss carefully (or even carelessly) stashed away?


Would you like to share them with the RFS and through us with the wider world? (Not essential – we can just keep them in our archive if you prefer.)


We’ve got three reasons for asking you.


  • One is for a pair of interpretation boards we hope to erect on Foss Islands Road. We need a couple of photos from the days before DEFRA built their offices and also anything showing what is now Travis Perkins yard in the days when it was owned by Walkers and used for unloading dredged sand.


  • The second is an appeal by one of our members, Mike Hodgkiss, who is researching a possible book about the Foss. He asks, “I am trying to source photos of the Foss particularly from the 1940’s to the 1970’s for the book I am researching”.


  • The third is more general. You may have seen the gallery in here which contains a number of photographs of the river going back over the years. It is already a good source of information for interested parties, and it gets quits a few views as well as some comments, and is prominent if you do a Google search. It would be even more valuable if we had a load more photos, particularly those from the last century.


If you have, or know of, any suitable material, please let me know. Many such photos will obviously not be in a digital format, but we can scan any images whether prints, slides or negatives to make them suitable.


I challenge you to use the next bit of lockdown to go ferreting in attics and suitcases!!