Huntington and Buglife’s Urban Buzz

Huntington has some fantastic green spaces and the Parish Council are always looking for ways to better manage them for the benefit of local residents. The Council is currently working with Buglife’s Urban Buzz project to identify areas that could be enhanced to assist some of Huntington’s smaller residents – insect pollinators. Over recent years there has been a huge … Read More

Have you heard a Cuckoo?

                                                                       Since 2011 the British Trust for Ornithology has been satellite-tracking Cuckoos to find out why we have lost almost two thirds of our population of these iconic birds in the last 20 years. We have found out a lot about their migration, but much remains still to be discovered. To date we have tagged over 50 birds, all … Read More

Environment Agency updates on progress of work at the Foss Barrier

Earlier this month (April 2017) the Environment Agency  issued a progress report on work at the Foss Barrier.  The £17 million upgrade of the Barrier and Pumping Station is running to schedule, with work on target to finish before the end of this year. Work carried out during 2016 meant that by Christmas of that year – the first anniversary … Read More

Where are all our summer birds?

This blog from the British Trust for Ornithology makes interesting reading! The stop, start nature of this spring’s migration continues. The quiet spells in the weather provide windows of opportunity for migrants heading north through France and Spain, only for them to be closed by the next front to move through. This bank holiday weekend there are some opportunities on … Read More

Fighting Floods with St Nicks

Fighting Floods with Nature – walk Fri 5th May 10:45am-2pm, starting at The Merchant Adventurers’ Hall, Fossgate YO1 9XD Join St Nicks Nature Reserve Manager Jonathan Dent and the Civic Party for a walk along the path of December 2015 floods from the Merchant Adventurers’ Hall to the Nature Reserve. We’ll stop a few times along the way to talk … Read More

Community Water Management Project

We are joining the Community Water Management project run by the Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust to monitor the water quality of the River Foss. A group of members will take samples on a regular basis to find out how healthy our river is at different points along its length. The tests are simple to do and training will be given … Read More

The River Foss and the Boxing Day Floods in York – looking back, looking forward

Our committee member Mark Gladwin has studied the five year plan proposed by the Environment Agency for York’s flood control following the Boxing Day 2015 floods that made such a mark on the city.  Here’s a useful summary … The report of the independent committee of inquiry into the floods was published on 22nd January 2017, and can be accessed at:   … Read More

Fracking: no threat to the Foss?

As far as the River Foss Society can tell at present, shale gas extraction in the Vale of York by means of hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) is unlikely to threaten the environment of the River Foss, despite the fact that the whole of the catchment is included within areas covered by Government-issued Petroleum Exploration and Development licenses (PEDLs). No applications have … Read More