Castle Gateway consultation moves on to next stage

A series of public workshop sessions next weekend, 25th-26th November, will see the unveiling of the ideas behind the masterplan for redevelopment of the so-called “Castle Gateway” area, including the Foss Basin, St.George’s Field, Castle Mills Bridge / Tower Street and the banks of the Foss upstream as far as Piccadilly.   This plan could be crucial for future public enjoyment … Read More

Changes to the General Binding Rules for septic tanks etc

Did you know that new regulations are coming into force in 2020 which will (hopefully) prevent contamination of the river, accidental or otherwise, due to poor or inappropriate sewage  treatment? I first heard about them at a River Foss catchment meeting with the Environment Agency, amongst others, and was they who brought the issue to our attention. It is extremely … Read More

Castle Gateway Public Consultation summary goes online

The My Castle Gateway project on the development of York’s “Castle Gateway” area has published online an “open draft project brief”, based on a round of consultation activities during the summer.   There’s lots in the document about opening up the River Foss in the Castle area for public enjoyment that many RFS members will wholeheartedly welcome.  Why not have a … Read More

Have you seen any dead fish recently?

We’ve had half a dozen reports of dead fish, some quite big as in the photo below, found just above the water level following the very heavy rainstorms during the last couple of weeks. Have you seen any? If so please let us know how many, where and when. Again, if you see any in the future, please tell us. … Read More

Share your memories of the Boxing Day 2015 floods

Do you have a personal story to tell about your experience of the Boxing Day floods of 2015?   If so, why not share it with York Archaeological Trust’s new oral history project, Waterproof Memories? Here is the link to their blog site: Waterproof Memories

Eighteen months after the floods, long term resilience plans get under way

On Friday 2nd June, The Press returned to the topic of the Boxing Day 2015 floods with an article about how the affected residents and businesses are faring today. Reporter Mike Laycock based his story of how flood victims are still counting the cost – financial and emotional – almost 18 months after their homes were inundated, on a … Read More

Castle Gateway starts to open?

City of York Council plans for regeneration of the Castle / Piccadilly area  – a project now renamed “Castle Gateway”, certainly an improvement on the previous unmemorable “Southern Gateway” title – seem to be slowly getting underway.   Two planning applications have so far been submitted for the area.   One of these – the Spark York plan for temporary fast food … Read More

Flood Alleviation in Pickering

A small group from River Foss Society visited the Pickering Flood Alleviation Scheme on 4 May. We were welcomed and given an excellent talk and tour by Philip Roe, Area Forester for the Yorkshire Forest District of the Forestry Commission, for a very informative and enjoyable day. The glorious weather only added to it! We began with a briefing explaining … Read More

Huntington and Buglife’s Urban Buzz

Huntington has some fantastic green spaces and the Parish Council are always looking for ways to better manage them for the benefit of local residents. The Council is currently working with Buglife’s Urban Buzz project to identify areas that could be enhanced to assist some of Huntington’s smaller residents – insect pollinators. Over recent years there has been a huge … Read More