Canoeing on The Foss

The paddlers in this photo were seen passing along near Huntington Road last week – a rare and welcome sight indeed! Can we have a go, please?

Balsam Pulling

Starting on the 11th June! Full details and all the dates so far are under events. Please check before you set out in case of a change of venue or timing. Much depends upon how quickly the balsam grows in the various areas, and how well we get on in pulling it. If you see any in places where we … Read More

Water Voles are still with us

This water vole was seen happily pootling around on one of the tributaries of the Foss last week. How many do we have, I wonder? We’re putting out rafts like this one for them to use as latrines – if you spot one, look closely and you may see traces – this is how we prove that there is an … Read More

Yet more plastic in the river

Following the discovery just below Landing Lane of a selection of plastic items dumped in the river and then trapped by a large fallen branch, a couple of our intrepid volunteers donned wellies and waders to clean out as much of it as they could safely get to.  As you’ll know the river was up on its usual level and … Read More

Visit to Walbutt’s sewage treatment plant, Strensall.

A small group of committee members was given a tour of the sewage treatment plant at Walbutt’s above Strensall. Our thanks go to Yorkshire Water for allowing us this rare opportunity and to the staff at the site for welcoming us, showing us round, and answering all our questions in the process. The following are some notes that the group … Read More

Grey Wagtails

Grey Wagtail I’ve been carrying out Walkover Surveys along the lower to middle regions of the Foss lately with other RFS members and volunteers from St Nicks. A very pleasant past-time given the recent lovely weather. The surveys are intended to establish an open written ecological record of the river and its immediate environment so that we can keep an … Read More