Have you seen a mink recently? After a long gap with no sightings on the Foss, we had a confirmed successful breeding attempt near Loch Fyne restaurant a few weeks ago. The family has moved on, presumably because they eliminated all the local small wildfowl and larger fish – feeding a growing family of mink demands a lot of prey. … Read More

New River Foss Project

This is an extract from the latest Yorkshire Wildlife Trust newsletter  – it’s an exciting new venture and we have high hopes for the outcome, particularly if it can continue beyond 2020 when the full benefits should become apparent. The River Foss Project is new this year having won a tender from the North Yorkshire County Council with funding from … Read More

Eutrophication – why is there so much green weed in the river? What will it do to the rivers inhabitants?

An Introduction to Eutrophication. Aquatic eutrophication (from the Greek, meaning ‘well nourish’) is the enrichment of natural waters with plant nutrients, which results in the stimulation of an array of symptomatic changes. These include the increased production of algae and other aquatic plants, affecting the quality of the water and the balance of organisms present within it. The nutrient status … Read More

Did You See Us? RFS Takes Part in the York Walls Festival

Did you miss us? Did you know about the festival? If not, put it in your diary for next year! We had a gazebo (tied to the railings on the basis that if the wind put it in the river, the railings would go with it) and were talking about ourselves (of course) and about why there is a gap … Read More

Mink on the Foss

We’ve recently had a report and some excellent photos of a mink seen along the Foss well into town. They are vicious non-native predators which will deplete our fragile water vole population – though they are generally seen off by otters. If you see one, please let us know. Hopefully this was a visitor – they do travel a long … Read More

Canoeing on The Foss

The paddlers in this photo were seen passing along near Huntington Road last week – a rare and welcome sight indeed! Can we have a go, please?

Balsam Pulling

Starting on the 11th June! Full details and all the dates so far are under events. Please check before you set out in case of a change of venue or timing. Much depends upon how quickly the balsam grows in the various areas, and how well we get on in pulling it. If you see any in places where we … Read More

Water Voles are still with us

This water vole was seen happily pootling around on one of the tributaries of the Foss last week. How many do we have, I wonder? We’re putting out rafts like this one for them to use as latrines – if you spot one, look closely and you may see traces – this is how we prove that there is an … Read More