Water Voles on the Foss

I’ve long wondered whether we have a significant population of water voles along the Foss. The RFS has had several reports of sightings, though unless you are experienced it’s not all that easy to be sure that it’s a water vole, not a rat when you don’t get a clear and fairly close view. Following our successful application for LNP … Read More

Swans on the Foss

John Millett writes: Whilst checking progress on the Foss footpath closures I had the opportunity to view the birds on the lagoons of Walbutt’s Water Treatment Plant near Strensall. I had very good views of a pair of Mute Swans with seven well developed cygnets, a pair of Mallard with eight young, several other single Mallards, a pair of Tufted … Read More

Closures on the Foss Walk

John Millett, River Foss Society Chairman, tells us: The public footpath following along the west bank of the Foss from Strensall to Sheriff Hutton, marked Centenary Way on OS Maps, passes Lock House, Strensall, where the footpath narrows down as it passes the end of the garden and the river bank. At this point a slippage has occurred which makes … Read More

More Balsam Pulling Sessions

We’ve had a good turn-out of members pulling the dreaded weed so far, with several people who couldn’t make the previous sessions saying they’d like to hear about any further chances. Others told me they’d missed our limited publicity and would like a chance to join in. Please tell anyone you think might be interested too. We’re running four more … Read More

Balsam Pulls

Monday 28th May, at 10am (weather permitting) – The Groves East bank of the Foss close to Huntington Road downstream of the old railway bridge (now the Sustrans cycleway). The best approach is via Dodsworth Road and Arran Place (a very narrow road off Dodsworth Road about 200 yards along from Fossway).   If you turn right into Arran Place (no … Read More

Bat Walk May 2018

Around fifteen of us gathered by the side of Lock Keeper’s Cottage at 8pm little knowing what fun we were about to have! We wandered slowly upstream with Will Durrant telling us about CAN (Community Action for Nature) its work and the reserve given to them a few years ago. He also showed us the bat boxes they have made … Read More

Please say yes!

  The law relating to data protection is changing in May.  To stay in touch we need you to tick a box to give your consent to contact you. Please complete the membership renewal form giving the information you are happy to provide and tick the box on the renewal form to give your consent. If you are happy to … Read More

Have You Seen a Kingfisher?

We’re trying to find out just how common they are along the Foss. A couple of weeks ago we had a report and a couple of photos of a pair seen in the Foss Islands area, not somewhere I’ve ever seen them. Photo opportunity or not, please let us know when and where you see one (or more!). Sightings will … Read More

Coal Tits Galore!

Participants in the BTO’s Garden BirdWatch survey have been keeping weekly records of the birds seen in their gardens over the last 20 years, an incr­­­edible citizen science project that enables us understand how birds use human habitats such as gardens. Coal Tits are among our smallest garden birds, and are often driven away from bird feeders by the larger, more aggressive Great … Read More