York Walls Festival August 2022 summary

The River Foss Society occupied its usual spot between Foss Islands Road and the river, next to Majestic Wines, for the latest edition of the festival. We had a steady flow of visitors from near and far, from Rowntree Wharf to New Zealand! Some called by to talk about the river and pass on their thoughts and suggestions, others to … Read More

Conservation sessions with St Nicks

St Nicks are officially starting their project at West Nooks this month. A good one to get involved with and great outdoor exercise. Newly acquired scything skills may come in handy for us too!

Guardian article on river pollution

For anyone having 10 minutes to read this, it’s an eye opener – I’d bet the Foss is pretty near as bad as the Windrush, though we do have some fish, at least for now, goodness knows whar another couple of weeks of no rain and sunshine will do. We’ve already had many reports of dead fish.   https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2022/aug/04/sewage-sleuths-river-pollution-slow-dirty-death-of-welsh-and-english-rivers  

River Bank repairs by Haxby Weir

The IDB is currently working to repair the bank below Haxby weir. There has been continual erosion of the outside of the bend for several years now, and  the IDB has now undertaken a couple of weeks of heavy lifting to make sure the bank is stable for years to come. Once reinstated and reseeded it should rapidly blend in. … Read More

The Half-Century of Trolleys

Tim Rane has hauled out trolleys number 50 and 51 from the Foss this month – Well done!   But why are they there???  

New Bikes for Old! May 2022

Tim has hauled  a few bikes out of the river over the last couple of years, most of which were fit for nothing more than recycling, however the odd one is still in a recoverable condition, either for use as  spares, or for overhaul and selling on for charity.  Changing Lives UK is a charity providing specialist support services for … Read More

York Walls Festival – May 2022

A busy day on Sunday with plenty of visitors and an excellent turnout of paddleboarders who, by all accounts, enjoyed their outing and the chance to see the city from a different perspective. Probably the most popular exhibit was a tray of river-dwellers including dragonfly larvae, a selection of worms and leeches and some tiny freshwater shrimps! With the help … Read More

York Walls Festival with paddleboards!

A group of paddleboarders will make their way downstream from near Monkbridge at around 11am on Sunday morning heading to Castle Mills lock (and back later!). It’s a fun way to enjoy the river – this year without the duckweed that covered everything last August. It’ll be the biggest gathering of a paddleboards the river has seen with better than … Read More