Installation of new pumps gets underway at the Foss Barrier

The Press on 27th September reported the winching-out of the first of the old pumps from the Foss Barrier building, preparatory to installing the new Swedish-built pumps that will eventually increase capacity at the barrier from the previous 30 cubic metres of water per second (cumecs) to 50 cumecs.    The operation was witnessed by Environment Secretary Andrea Leadsom, who … Read More

EA puts out welcome mat for eels in Foss

As our photo shows, the Environment Agency’s eel pass in the weir at Castle Mills lock is now up and working. While we are not aware of any evidence of their presence in the Foss, this is good news for eels, which are an endangered species.   Eels’ life cycle involves long migrations between rivers and oceans, but without the … Read More

Show us your mussels …

A Huntington resident was walking the Foss with his grandchild and found these mussel shells.  We contacted a Professor in Archaeological Science who says that these are probably the swan mussel, (sp. Anodonta cygnaea). This large species of freshwater mussel is found in rivers and they are now fairly common in the Foss.  Intriguingly, this species appears suddenly in York’s archaeological record about the time … Read More

Watch this space!

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