New River Foss Project

This is an extract from the latest Yorkshire Wildlife Trust newsletter  – it’s an exciting new venture and we have high hopes for the outcome, particularly if it can continue beyond 2020 when the full benefits should become apparent.

The River Foss Project is new this year having won a tender from the North Yorkshire County Council with funding from the Environment Agency to carry out survey work and landowner engagement throughout the catchment.

The new project assistant James Spilsbury is positioned in the North Team to carry out the survey work highlighting sedimentation and water framework directive failures along the watercourses. Key areas for habitat creation or improvement will also be recorded to both reduce sedimentation and promote wildlife along the watercourse. Using data collected from the walkover surveys, a report will be produced to highlight key issues and suggest recommendations for capital works. Thorough consultation and partnership with key stakeholders will help deliver a catchment-based approach to identifying the priorities of work.

Provided new funding can be acquired to take the project beyond March 2020, opportunities may arise for tree planting or other capital works of natural flood management. This is an exciting opportunity to reduce sedimentation and pollution in the Foss, leading to improved flood resilience and water quality through working with farmers, stakeholders and other landowners.