Huntington and Buglife’s Urban Buzz

Huntington has some fantastic green spaces and the Parish Council are always looking for ways to better manage them for the benefit of local residents. The Council is currently working with Buglife’s Urban Buzz project to identify areas that could be enhanced to assist some of Huntington’s smaller residents – insect pollinators. Over recent years there has been a huge drop in the numbers of insect pollinators (such as bees, butterflies and hoverflies) across the UK. The Urban Buzz project is working in 8 cities across the UK to try to turn the tide on this trend. They are doing this by planting wildflower meadows, bulb banks, underplanting young woodlands and planting trees in suitable locations.

Cllr Mike Sutton-Croft said ‘Pollinating insects play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy environment. The fact that their numbers are declining at such an alarming rate is a huge concern, both in terms of wildlife conservation but also to make sure that there are still insects to pollinate the crop plants that we need to keep us fed! By working with Urban Buzz we hope to bring some more colour to Huntington’s green spaces whilst providing valuable habitats to support our pollinating insects’

Huntington Parish Council is currently drawing up a list of potential sites that could be enhanced in partnership with Urban Buzz. If you know of any in your area please contact Cllr Mike Sutton-Croft (

To find out more about Urban Buzz York please visit