A visit to The Sylvan Wood nature reserve run by "Make it Wild"

23rd May 2019

An accompanied walk starting at 2.30pm on Thursday 23rd May at Sylvan Nature Reserve neat Kirk Hammerton.

Helen Neave, one of the founders, will be there to greet us, together with Tony Knowles, a bird expert.

We will be given a brief introduction to the story of how they came to do what they do, how they went about it, who has helped etc.

Helen will then lead a stroll around the site, taking in the young woodland, the river bank boundary, the clearings, the ponds, and the area where they planted the ‘Forest of Flowers’.

Please note there is no infrastructure at all (in particular no toilets!) They advise the group to bring drinking water as required. And of course to wear sturdy shoes!

We will car share as there is minimal parking: when you confirm your intention to join us I will let you know the arrangements.

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Mike Gray mikegbw@gmail.com