Moth Trapping morning – see what has been caught before they are released.

17th August 2018

You’ve probably seen programmes on television which show just how many different species of moths there are on the wing every night in summer, but have you ever seen them yourself?

Alastair Fitter has offered to show us just what is around using a moth lamp to attract and capture them alive.  Moths are not guaranteed, but there are normally plenty around. Surprises are possible, though much will depend upon the weather.

For more details on how to get to Alastair’s house contact Mike Gray.

On the following morning you can have a look at what has been trapped later in the night. To avoid harming any moths that are caught, this will need to be done fairly early on, hence the 0800 start.

If you would like to come along, please let Mike Gray know on 01904 758510 or via He will then be able to tell you exactly where and when to meet nearer the time. Children are especially welcome, but there will have to be limit on the number of people we can cope with!