Closures on the Foss Walk

John Millett, River Foss Society Chairman, tells us:

The public footpath following along the west bank of the Foss from Strensall to Sheriff Hutton, marked Centenary Way on OS Maps, passes Lock House, Strensall, where the footpath narrows down as it passes the end of the garden and the river bank. At this point a slippage has occurred which makes the path virtually unpassable and dangerous to use.

This footpath has now been closed for some months and according to The Rights of Way Office of the City of York Council is unlikely to be re-opened until November 2018, when repairs are expected to be completed.

There are two alternative routes to use which bypasses this problem, the first route is to walk up Sheriff Hutton road and turn right along the track to Duncombe farm and follow the path down to the river which brings you out on the other side of the slippage and back on to the riverside path to Sheriff Hutton.

The second route is to follow the footpath from Brecks Lane, marked Foss Walk and Ebor Way on OS Maps, down beside the railway line, pass Walbutt’s Water Treatment plant and Walbutt’s farm, and cross over the Foss by the iron bridge and you have re-joined the footpath to Sheriff Hutton.