Balsam Pulls

Monday 28th May, at 10am (weather permitting) – The Groves

East bank of the Foss close to Huntington Road downstream of the old railway bridge (now the Sustrans cycleway).

The best approach is via Dodsworth Road and Arran Place (a very narrow road off Dodsworth Road about 200 yards along from Fossway).   If you turn right into Arran Place (no street name at this junction) and then left at the T junction on Arran Place, there are several parking bays where we can meet.   To get to the river bank from there walk from the last bay to the cycleway (20-30m) turn right and just before the bridge over the river turn left down a steep path to the river bank and left along the river.   We will be pulling on the bank between the path and the river moving downstream.

Contact Roger Pugsley on on 01904 766693 or


Friday 1st June 10am – Strensall

Meet at Moray Close, off Heath Ride, then walk approximately 200 yards upstream along the riverbank.

Contact John Millett, email or tel 01904 491290.


Sunday 3rd June 10am – Haxby/Earswick

Meet by the footbridge over the Foss between Lock Cottage, Haxby, and Earswick Garden Village. This can be accessed either by walking up Landing Lane, Haxby, and taking the first left turn down the public footpath along the riverbank; or from the Garden Village, Earswick. At the mini roundabout just north of Earswick on the Strensall road, turn into Earswick Chase, then take the first right turn (still Earswick Chase) and follow the road round. Turn right into Lock House Lane and keep straight ahead (do not turn left). A sign says “Overflow car park”. Park here, go through the gate and turn immediately right. Straight across the field between the goalposts and through a wide gap in the hedge onto the riverbank. The footbridge is to the left.

Contact Alison Scott, email (preferred) or tel 01904 766206.


Thursday 7th June 6.30 pm – Haxby/Earswick. As for 3rd June.


Other pulls may be taking place later in June.