Balsam Pulling

We’re running sessions regularly with teams of no more than six and fully socially distanced. If you’d like to know more let us know via .

If you’d rather try it en famille or as a small group and would like more information on where to look and how to go about it, ask us your questions.

It’s around us everywhere, and not just along the river. Last year there was a mass of it along Strensall Road opposite the barracks! Once it goes to seed, not only does the wind blow the seeds around, but more importantly, when it rains, all the brooks, becks and ditches that lead to the river carry seeds along, so when there are any floods, they get wherever the water goes. The following year you have trouble!

Everyone can help by pulling up balsam plants when out and about, and if you and your friends do ‘adopt’ a section near where you live and have a go at clearing it, please let us know.