A circular morning walk from Mill Green via Pond Head

14th September 2017 York

Walk 6: Mill Green via Pond Head Circular 5 miles. Leader Bob Jowett.

The “Foss Walk” was created in the 1980’s by Mark Jones and Michael Fife with encouragement from Bill Sessions, a well known local printer and publisher. North Yorkshire footpath officers provided advice and assistance. An illustrated guide by Mark Jones complete with hand drawn maps and superb sketches was also produced: sadly it is now out of print, though second-hand copies can be found.

The “Foss Walk” starts at the Blue Bridge in York close to where the Foss runs into the Ouse and finishes in the market place in Easingwold; a distance of 28.5 miles. It is not often walked and its way marking is not good in many places, although there are a few nice wooden sign posts to be found.


The regular RFS morning walks are based around the Foss Walk, and by breaking it up into small chunks allow walkers to sample it in easily managed pieces. All of them are paced for the slowest walker with participants discouraged from shooting far ahead of the leader. Most are 4 – 5 miles in distance and start at 9:30am.

Public transport is not readily available in much of this area, so access is by car and we either do circular walks or leave cars at both ends of a linear walk. Bob Jowett, who leads most of the walks, may well be able to arrange a lift for walkers without transport. Being as much about a chance to get to know fellow walkers as about the walking itself, there is usually the option of meal together afterwards. All Foss walks are open to anyone whether they are members of the society or not.

Park at the Dutch House, Crayke ready for a 9.30 start.